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Course Duration

4 Years

Credit Hours

123 credit hours

BBA Marketing

International Program BBA Marketing

The curriculum for BBA Marketing comprises 123 Credit Hours course. It is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of marketing as well as advanced tools to be successful. The curriculum combines theories with best industry practices to show students how to be successful in the field of marketing. The curriculum looks at international marketing practices to provide students extensive knowledge using real life practices. This course will be useful not only for future marketing managers but also for future entrepreneurs as they will be able to use the concepts in their ventures.

In today’s competitive business environment, every organization looks to maximize its market position and generate customer loyalty without which the very survival of the organization becomes precarious. In relation to this, Marketing is a most vital function in the organization. Hence, there is a high demand for qualified personnel in this department. The BBA in Marketing program aims to fulfill this human resource gap.

BBA Finance & Investment

The Finance & Investment curriculum is a 123 Credit Hours course specifically structured to meet the requirements of today’s complex and interconnected world of financial markets and institutions.

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