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Finance & Investment

Course Duration

4 Years

Credit Hours

123 credit hours

BBA Finance & Investment

International Program BBA Finance & Investment

The Finance & Investment curriculum is a 123 Credit Hours course specifically structured to meet the requirements of today’s complex and interconnected world of financial markets and institutions. The course brings a combination of domestic and international practices to equip students with knowledge and skills useful locally as well as globally. The curriculum is ideal for students seeking a strong theoretical foundation in finance and banking or for students seeking to pursue a professional career in the finance industry, particularly commercial and investment banks, finance and insurance companies, stock markets, micro-finance institutions, private fund management, venture capital, accounting and audit firms, brokerage firms, hedge funds and corporate finance.

The program blends both local and global topics and issues of interest to produce a unique and relevant learning experience for students.  A diverse range of required courses and elective offerings ensure that students have both maximum exposure and flexibility to choose their concentration. The curriculum gives exposure and lays a strong theoretical foundation in several topics related to finance and banking. This will help students focus better on subjects that they wish to pursue for post-graduate studies,  i.e. MBA. The program utilizes the case study method to acquaint students with real life problems and issues. It also encourages students to think critically and use modern day tools and techniques like MS Office Packages and Statistical tools that are useful in the professional world. The curriculum is also designed to expose students to topics and areas that are relevant for Nepal and its economic development. The curriculum also offers advanced level learning in the areas of accounting and finance with global professional certification such as ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

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In today’s competitive business environment every organization looks to maximize its market position and generate customer loyalty, without which the very survival of the organization comes to question.

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