Center for Research Excellence

KCM channels all its research based works through Center for Research Excellence (CRE). Centre for Research Excellence

Centre for Research Excellence (CRE) is an autonomous research body within Kathmandu College of Management (KCM). It conducts interdisciplinary research on business, management practices and economics in contemporary market economies. Instituted with the belief that research and teaching should go hand in hand, CRE is dedicated to deepening knowledge and gaining insights. The centre has been established with the objective of developing fact-based and research-oriented culture among students and professionals. It also aims to create and disseminate new knowledge relevant to people and organizations through an active research agenda.

With the vision of being a “state-of-the-art” centre for comprehensive research in the field of management, CRE encourages faculties and students to carry out research on various emerging issues and to come up with innovative solutions to problems faced by organizations and societies. To accomplish this, we collaborate with various domestic and foreign institutions to ensure the credibility of research works. Further, we seek affiliations with several corporate houses and foundations for support and to help them solve their problems.

CRE was initiated with the following objectives:

  • To develop a culture of research among students and faculty
  • To better educate students about the importance and benefits of research, and build their capacities for conducting research in Business and Economics
  • To conduct need-based research in partnership with the corporate and development sectors.

An Executive Committee, under the guidance of its advisory board members, runs CRE. The advisory board members include experts from diverse disciplines, ranging from management, sociology, politics to economics and development.

Research and Training Output

Journal of Business and Economics

New Perspective: Journal of Business and Economics is a peer reviewed journal published by Center for Research Excellence (CRE) of Kathmandu College of Management, Gwarko, Lalitpur. This journal aims to understand the constantly changing business scenario and its impact on local management practices. Similarly, the journal attempts to put forward the various perspectives of the researcher in a multi-faceted way. The journal also focuses on the importance of research to address the challenges in the world of business and economics.

Working Papers

CRE produces periodic working papers from students' research project. Faculty members work closely with students to guide their research report. Such studies are published online as working papers on a preliminary basis, pending further review by academicians and professionals.

Activity report

Students and faculty often engage in several research activities. CRE maintains an activity report to update the progress of each research. Activity reports are published online to enable monitoring and is accessible to all.

Events and Database

Student’s research project:

The students are encouraged to relate and apply their theoretical knowledge to the real world. All students are required to submit a term paper at the end of each semester in which they analyze current issues and prepare a research paper. The recent graduates undertook their research on contemporary issues such as gender imbalance and challenges in the Nepalese financial sector. Some of the research topics are listed below:

  • Comparative Study of Customer Perceived Value of Services and Organizational Value Proposition in Airline Industry in Nepal: A Case Study of Yeti Airlines Pvt. Ltd.
  • The Relationship between Stock Market Returns and Rates of Inflation: Evidence from Nepal
  • Financial Sustainability of Microfinance Development Banks in Nepal
  • Impact of Gender Based Policies on Female Employees’ Job Satisfaction: A Case Study of Standard Chartered Bank Limited, Nepal
  • Customer Satisfaction Level of Nepalese Banking Industry: A case study of Everest Bank Limited, Nepal
  • The Impact of Social Media Mix on Brand Equity
  • A Functional Study Performance Analysis through CAMEL Model: A Case Study of Joint Venture Banks in Nepal
  • Impediments in the Development of Nepalese Bond Market
  • A Study on Causes and Impact of Non-Performing Loans in Nepalese Commercial Banks
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures, Family Businesses and Access to Finance in Metal Handicraft in Kathmandu Valley

CRE offers the following e-resources for literature review and to support researchers with their work. KCM provides access to world-renowned journals, publication and databases. These resources can be accessed by the students and faculty only within the KCM IP range. They are as follows: