Fiona Demmingway, Class of 2014

KCM Student Council

Realizing the necessity for student self-governance, the KCM Student Council was officially founded in April 1, 2003. It is an initiative of the students, established with the vision of promoting a cooperative culture among students and enhancing their leadership skills. The purpose of the Student Council is to further the best interests of all students at the college through student representation in matters affecting student life and affairs by promoting and supervising club activities and improving community relations. KCM Student Council supports the overall development of students by engaging them in various activities relating to business, sports, culture and career.

The KCM student council consists of 23 members; 18 Class Representatives (a male and a female from each of the 9 sections) are elected by the students; 3 Management Representatives and 2 Internal Communications Coordinators are selected by the college management. The council is headed by the President and supported by the Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Inventory Manager and the Club Coordinators.

Some of the major events organized by the Student Council are KCM Inter College Music Competition (ICMC), Battle of the Brains (BOB) and Nepal Management Symposium (NMS).


Former Presidents of Student Council Year
Karvika Thapa June 2003
Pavan Harjani 2003 - 2004
Nimish Acharya 2004 - 2005
Amit Agrawal 2005- 2006
Aditya Piya 2006 - 2007
Gaurav Basnyat 2007- 2008
Achal Raj Pandey 2008- 2009
Rajendra Singh Bista/ SamikshyaGautam 2009- 2010
Nitesh Raj Shrestha 2010 - 2011
Bijay Kumar Shrestha 2011 - 2012
Ayush Man Tamrakar 2012 - 2013
Shaba DC 2013 - 2014
Sneha Shakya 2014 - 2015
Karan Agrawal 2015-2016
Ishan Bista 2016-2017
Richa Tandukar 2017-2018
Shriyas Singh 2018-2019
Rishav Agrawal 2019-2020

Designation Name Year
President Rishav Agrawal 3
Vice - President Ritishma Gurung
Subashna Timothy
Treasurer Kamana Saud 3
Assistant Treasurer Subrit Bajracharya 2
General Secretary Eshita Shrestha 2
Assistant General Secretary Dristi Shrestha
Ashutosh Aryal
Recording Secretary Bibhuti Karki 2
Assistant Recording Secretary Supratika Shrestha
Achint Dahal
Inventory Manager Suraj Goenka 3
Assistant Inventory Manager Swetashma Bashyal
Sanskar Bhandari
Sports Club Coordinator Yug Jung Karki 2
Career Achievers Club Coordinator Abhinava Thapa
Suraj Goenka
Social Welfare Club Coordinator Deepika Kedia 2
Publication Club Coordinator Tushar Goyal 2
Arts Club Coordinator Anugya Rijal 3
IT Club Coordinator Subhashna Timothy 3

Club Name Year
Arts Ayush Shah 3
Publication Pramesh Adhikari 3
Sports Sandesh Acharya
Rashmi Shrestha
Social Welfare Reeyakta Khanal 3
Career Achievers Ashwini Thapa Magar
Sujata Nakarmi
IT Mohit Maharjan 3

Arts Club

The Arts Club is one of the major clubs under the Student Council with the highest number of membership. It is an “art driven” club that features activities encompassing literature, visual arts and performing arts. The club organizes events that provide a platform for students to showcase their creative side. Most students feel that such events help refresh their minds amidst the pressure of academics. Regular events of this club include Cultural Day, Holi Celebration, Dashain-Tihar Dhamaka and Acoustic Groove.

Career Achievers Club

Career Achievers Club was formed in 2019 by the union of past two career oriented clubs namely Career Club and Junior Achievers Forum. The club lives by the objective of providing students at KCM a platform to discover and excel in their leadership capabilities and team-spirit by organizing events like Rise of Tycoons to promote business driven minds. The core value of the club is to give students a view of real-life situations and facilitate the students to help polish them before entering the professional world.

IT Club

IT Club is the oldest running club at KCM, established even before the KCM Student Council by students with similar ideas and vision. The club aims to foster the use of Information Technology among students at the college by organizing workshops and seminars to provide a platform for the students to develop IT related skills. The club also organizes gaming competitions to make students feel relaxed from their hectic college life. Some of the workshops and events organized by the IT Club are Digital Marketing Session, Microsoft Excel Workshop, Photoshop Workshop, Editing Workshop, Designing Workshop, Photography Workshop, IT Talk sessions, Fifa Tournament and online competitions.

Publication Club

With so many events happening throughout the year, the Publication Club ensures that students and faculty members are updated on the developments and new scenes within the college through the college newsletter ‘KCM Reads’. The club also encourages literary works through stories of KCMites on the student regulated social media pages of the college and through competitions such as Movie Review Writing Competition, Content Writing Competition and more. Other regular events of the club include Mad Ads Competition, Sealed with a Kiss- Valentine’s Day Event, The Whisper Challenge, Try Not to Laugh Challenge , all of which help to strengthen the ties among the students of KCM.



Social Welfare Club

Social Welfare Club, initially known as Volunteers' Club, is one of the biggest clubs of the council. It was established with the objective of creating awareness about social responsibility and focusing on ways students can contribute to the betterment of the community. The club seeks to highlight the problems faced by society through different means and suggests solutions to overcome the problems. Some of the events of Social Welfare Club are Blood Donation Camp, Paralympics, No Shave November, Book Donation and volunteering works like library and computer setup programs.

Sports Club

Sports club is one of the most popular clubs at KCM. As the name suggests, the club enhances the profile of sports entertainment through fun and games. It provides a platform for athletic students to enjoy the sport by organizing various intra-college games such as the 5-A Side Football, Table Tennis, Badminton and inter-college games such as Devil’s Cup- Football. The main event organized by the club is Basketball Bash which has established itself as one of the most prominent forms of basketball tournaments among youths at the collegiate level in Nepal.