The prime focus of BBA program under Kathmandu College of Management is to provide a world class education in management, marketing, finance and banking. The college, since its inception, has been striving to create a practical learning environment that invigorates the aspiring entrepreneurs.

KCM, with the launch of Kuber Wiz in 2016, is the pioneer to introduce stock trading and investment program for the students in the country. The program revolves around stock trading that enables the students to gain practical experience in the stock market.


  • To help students experience real life trading and stock market functioning
  • To gain experience of stock valuation with the use of Financial Modelling
  • To identify the key factors that affect investment decisions
  • To bridge the gap between theory and practice
  • To provide students with opportunity to network with industry leaders
  • To enrich the BBA experience at KCM by developing skills related to loan processing, repayment and cash flow management


The program will pass through 5 phases as follows:

The required documents for the loan processing are listed below:

  1. Fund Pooling/ Loan Processing
    The participants of the program are required to have an initial investment fund of at least NPR. 30,000.00. The college will be providing a sum of NPR. 15,000.00 as loan for each student. The loan will be disbursed at the interest rate of 8% per annum. 1% service charge will be deducted at the time of loan disbursement.
    • A copy of Citizenship Certificate
    • Approval Letter from Parents
    • Reference Letter/ Statement of Security Deposit approved by KCM Accounts Department
    • Passport Size Photograph (A copy for group member and 2 copies for group leader)
  2. Stock Trading/ Investments
    Once the fund has been pooled, the participants can trade in listed stocks in NEPSE and can also invest in Initial Public Offering (IPO) and Fixed Income Securities. The participants can choose any of the NEPSE authorized broker for stock trading purpose. All the stocks are to be traded through the account of the group leader.
  3. Monitoring Portfolio Performance
    The participants will be attending workshops on security analysis and portfolio management conducted by industry experts enabling them to get acquainted with financial modelling and stock valuation techniques. Such workshops will enhance their ability to generate better returns.
    The participants must submit fortnightly report on their updated investment portfolio including the Demat Account Statement in order to successfully complete the program requirements.
  4. Loan Settlement/ Exit Strategy
    The Loan Settlement process will initiate at the end of the program. 8% per annum interest rate will be charged on the principal amount provided by the college. The participants are supposed to pay back their loan as illustrated in table 1:

Table 1: Loan Principal and Interest Information

Interest (8 months)*800
Total interest and principal payable15,800
* The interest calculation starts from the date of loan disbursement
  1. Portfolio Evaluation
    The performance of the participants in the program will be evaluated by industry experts and faculty of finance and banking. The evaluation criteria are stated below:
    Participation, presentation and research report 50%
    Portfolio Performance 50%


The structure of the Kuber Wiz Administration is as follows:

Expert Panel
aKCM Faculty Representative
bSEBON Representative
cNEPSE Representative
dCapital Market Expert


Program Management Team
aProgram Director
bProgram Coordinator
cProgram Assistant
dIT Application Assistant

The participants upon successful completion of the program will be certified as KUBER-WIZARDS.