Sep 23, 2015

University Grants Commission Fellowship

University Grants Commission Fellowship

Mr. Madhu Sudan Gautam and Mr. Kiran Chalise, faculty members at KCM, have been awarded a fellowship by the University Grants Commission (UGC) Nepal to carry out research in their respective fields. Both Mr. Gautam and Mr. Chalise are current PhD. scholars at Kathmandu University School of Education, and share almost 10 years of teaching experience between them. In a recent Q&A session, they discussed further about their research interests.
Q. How did you apply for the UGC fellowship?
Mr. Gautam: The UGC fellowship is an open competition so anyone who is qualified can apply. To be eligible, one needs to submit a proper research proposal and if selected, you are required to present to a panel of judges. The Fellowship Committee will make the final decision on funding.

Q. Could you explain the focus of your research papers?
Mr. Chalise: The title of the research is “Development Communication and its role in Social Awareness”. As the name suggests, I will examine whether the social campaigns of International Non-Government Organizations (INGOs) and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) have been effective in creating awareness amongst the general public.
Mr. Gautam: My research is based on “Climate change, Agriculture and Adaptation”. It investigates ways in which farming in Nepal can adjust according to the changes in the environment.

Q. What is the timeframe of your grants?
Mr. Chalise: Both the grants are valid for 3 years, which means that we have to verify the results and publish the academic paper within 36 months.

Q. Can you elaborate on how your research will help the economic development ofNepal?
Mr. Gautam: The adaptation strategies from research findings will benefit the Nepalese farmers to reduce the impact of climate change and which will increase the productivity of agricultural products. This will have important implications for policy makers.
Mr. Chalise: The results of this study will support the INGOs and NGOs to develop appropriate communications for promoting social issues such as gender, inclusion, leadership and poverty.

Peer reviewed academic papers are hugely important for the future of education and its infinite value to society. The KCM family wishes them the very best in thequest for knowledge and hope the research findings will contribute to the rebuilding efforts of Nepal.

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