Aug 6, 2015

Socialization and Climate Setting Orientation

The first phase of orientation for the freshmen batch of 2015-2019 called ‘Socialization and Climate Setting’ happened on the 2nd and 3rd of August, 2015 at Gokarna Forest Resort.

The objective of this phase of orientation was to familiarize the students with the KCM culture and help them break the ice and socialize with their fellow batch mates. Students got to know each other, express themselves during the program. With various activities, students got a chance to understand major important aspects of succeeding at KCM.

The program started off with a welcoming note by the principal, Bishnu Raj Adhikari. He talked about KCM and how to make most out of the four years at KCM. He talked about love for the work and passion to be the decisive factor between doing well and not so well. After that, the program continued with games whose objectives were to teach the students the importance of effective communications, teamwork and leadership.

During the afternoon various activities were carried out with various learning outcomes for the students. Games like minefield, treasure hunt taught students about proper coordination and teamwork. Students were made to put through their paces, yet they had a good time.
As the day ended, Students were allocated rooms to rest and commenced to the restaurant area for dinner. It was followed by an induction program conducted by the KCM Student Council with more fun and activities.

Next day started with a healthy breakfast. Students started where they left off the previous day. Students were allowed to reflect on what they did the other day. They were made to make a chart of their strengths and weakness. After that, two other activities were conducted with various outcomes so that students had something to learn from everything they did.

The event concluded with a closing speech from the Principal giving them an overall round-up of the purpose of the program.

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