Aug 11, 2014

Orientation for Freshmen

The first phase of orientation for the 1st batch under the new partnership KCM launched with Siam University offering BBA Finance and Banking and BBA Marketing is happening on the 21stand 22nd of August 2014 at Gokarna Forest Resort, Kathmandu.

There are three phases of the orientation. The first phase happening at Gokarna Forest Resort aims to give an overview of what the institution is all about and to acquaint the students with their batch via games and team work; the activities also a glimpse of their undergraduate life.

The second phase is the ‘Academic Orientation’ which is scheduled to happen at KCM premises which looks into knowing the new batches goals in life and how KCM can help them in materializing those goals. This phase of the orientation also helps students with effective studying and grooming strategies to make the most out of their four years at KCM.

The third phase is the ‘Corporate Orientation’ where the students will be converging with top notch business professionals and industry leaders of the country and outside.

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