Jun 10, 2016


On the 4th of June, KCM opened its doors to allow prospective students and the parents to have a look around the campus in order to get familiar with the college and gain information. Open house is a way for the college to expose its culture and give interested students and their parents a chance to know the college better, have informal communication with the faculty and ask questions. You will be able to check out the courses and attend talks on your curricula of interest. A campus tour is also given to look at all the facilities.

The program raised awareness about the infrastructure and the amenities of the premises and to open informal communication channels between school staff, students and parents. All the clubs participated in the Open Day event with their stalls and informed the students on various clubs. The students also got information on KBIC, KuberWizz, Testing Center and CRE. This allowed the prospective students to witness myriad activities available on campus and see hands-on-exhibits and extra circular activities.

Open days are an invaluable opportunity for students to get a feel of the college, an experience far more practical and engaging than looking at a broacher or a website. The open house this year was a success with all the clubs along with the council and faculty working together.

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