Jan 1, 2016

One Act Play 2016

The Inside Out Bench was one of the plays performed in the KCM One Act Play competition 2016. The play was written and directed by students of 1st year section A themselves. The play was cherished by the audience very much.

So what is it about? Well, it was a comic societal sarcasm. A cursed bench in a park possess magical powers and make people think out loud, literally. Whoever sits on the bench, their thoughts are audible to everyone around them thus showing how people are two faced and how they pretend to be verses how they actually are on the inside. The bench basically brings out a person’s true self. A saint, a married couple, gossip girls, a gay couple, a dog, comic characters and two face (the narrator) are the characters who construct the play. 

Sushant Karki
Best Actor
KCM One Act Play 2016

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