Apr 7, 2016

KuberWiz Training

Kuber Wiz is a stock investment program that has been pioneered by KCM. Through this program, the students would have an idea about the Nepalese capital market, procedures to trade shares. It will help allow the students to get practical experience with stock trading and investment. Kuber wizz would help in giving value to the current BBA program by providing the students the platform to get ample real world experience on stock market trading and functioning. This program allows students to apply their theorical knowledge practically. 

Second workshop about stock market trading was held on 7th April at KCM. Mr. Bikash Kabariya was the main facilitator of the event. He is a chartered financial anaylyst and currently works as a lead business analyst for Triveni group of companies. Mr. Kabariya gave the students an insight on trading in the secondary market. He talked about the cardinal rules first-time investors need to know. This was followed by students presenting about the companies they want to invest in after doing qualitative and quantitative research on those companies. 


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