Mar 8, 2018

Kuber Wiz Session

Session Title: Presentation of analysis and interaction on stock picking

After successful completion of 16 hours of workshop on “Commercial Bank Valuation and Modeling”, the 6th semester Finance and Banking students presented their investment analysis to esteemed capital market participants. Eight trading groups of students are currently taking part in the Kuber Wiz program. Each group presented their analysis and the guests provided valuable feedback to improve their analysis. In summary, the guests advised students to focus more on risk evaluation,profitability evaluation, diversification, and due diligence of data. The market participant guests for the program were Mr. Nabin Baskota (Managing Director, National Merchant Banker), Mr. Santosh Mainali (Executive Chairman, Secured Securities Ltd.), and Mr. Yurope Man Shrestha (Director, GG Investments). The faculty guests for the program were Prof. Pushpa Raj Adhikari, PhD (Academic Director, KCM), Dr. Maria E.I. Shrestha, PhD, (Vice Principal, KCM), Mr. Bikash Kabaria, CFA, CA, (Finance Faculty, KCM).The program was conducted by Mr. Sitaram Dhakal, Senior Faculty and Head of Kuber Wizz Program.

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