May 17, 2018

Kuber Wiz Investment Competition

Kathmandu College of Management in partnership with Bashyal and Company Pvt. Ltd. conducted “Kuber Wiz Investment Competition” session. The investment competition had six rounds in which three rounds were in multiple choice question format and the other three rounds were in Quiz (Question and Answer) format. Between each round the participants had to trade in other groups based on their analysis of performance of other groups. The objective of this session was to deepen the knowledge of participants on the rules of trading and efficient allocation of assets to maximize value.

The winners of the competition were Group 5 (First Position), Group 4 (Second Position), and Group 1 (Third Position). The members in jointly organizing the event were Mr. Hemanta Bashyal, CFA, Managing Director (Bashyal and Company Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. Sitaram Dhakal, Faculty of Finance (KCM), Mr. Sunil Poudel, Research Analyst (Bashyal and Company Pvt. Ltd.).

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