May 27, 2015

KCM supports Ncell App Camp 2014

Nepal witnessed the biggest app development concave with the involvement of many top class organization and energetic youths willing to contribute to the field of technology. KCM, realizing the need for development of technology, supported the event especially in the field of education.

Ncell app camp, consisted of 4 categories which were tourism, education, corporate solutions and agriculture. Out of 450 ideas, 50 ideas were selected for further improvement. The top 50 teams went through rigorous yet informative seminars directed by international and national experts from various field. For the finale conducted on the 11th of December 2014, top 24 teams were selected and allowed to pitch their idea. Each category had one winner and among them a grand winner was selected who will represent the country in the international arena in near future.

KCM as the event supporter for the education category handed the cheque of Rs. two lakh fifty thousand to the winner team, “riti-riwaj”. Their idea to merge the technology and culture made them grab the prize.

KCM and the whole nation looks forward for events like these where students can practically apply their knowledge and cope with the changing environment both locally and globally. KCM is proud to be a supporter of such a successful and a fruitful event.


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