Jan 1, 1970

KCM Students making the world their Campus

Comquest is an annual festival organized by Lady SriRam College for Woman (LSR) under the affiliation of Delhi University. Being a commerce festival, the Department of Commerce of Lady SriRam College took charge of the operation for this festival. A total of twelve delegates from Kathmandu College of Management (KCM), accompanied by a faculty member, were chosen to represent the college and their country in the two-day festival in New Delhi. KCM has always emphasised on practicality as one of its cornerstones of learning. The structure of the events at the fest were designed to provide real world exposure to the participants and aligned well with KCM’s learning principle. There were many opportunities at various events to develop the business acumen of the students.

KCM students took part in seven of the eight events that were organized in the festival. The fest started with a Panel Discussion to discuss on the emerging start-up cultures in India. This was a discussion between some well known founders of top notch firms. Panellists shared their experience and the challenges they faced in order to make it to the top. This was followed up by many events that KCM students took part in and which tested our delegates’ aptitude and knowledge in the related fields. 

Business Quiz kept the participants on their toes by examining their know-how in the field of business. Niraj Manandar and Himanshu Goenka represented KCM for this event. Gameplan (Business Plan) saw teams trying to pitch their business ideas and strategising the proposal into a feasible and workable plan of action. Riya Joshi, Nancy Agrawal and Prasamsa Shrestha took away the 4th position with a cash prize for this event. Stockmaze was another event where our KCM delegates Ishan Bista and Aditya Shrestha stood on the trading floor and made orders by crying out loud, just like in a typical stock market. KCM had Kushal Karmacharya for Best Manager Competition where he was selected among the top 8 Best Managers as he was recognised for his analytical and tactical skills. Astha Joshi and Niraj Manandhar were nominated for Vortrag, where participants presented their business concepts in the form of a written presentation. Treasure Trove saw teams competing to find clues in their quest to win the ultimate prize. Shriya ShresthaKushal Karmacharya and Bidit Shakya won the 4th position for Treasure Trove with their amazing investigative prowess. Yash Vardan More was the sole representative in Community Stimulation who did a brilliant job at debating and discussing issues of national importance by getting into the shoes of high level ministers and diplomats.

Overall, the events of 15th October - 16th October were undoubtedly a success. Participating in ComQuest has equipped the students with a multitude of skills which will definitely be beneficial for them in their future careers and beyond. As KCM strives for greater excellence, such events provide a promising platform to give a fresh insight into the world of commerce for the students.

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