Jun 29, 2015

KCM Open House

Open House or Open Day is an opportunity for students to have a look around the campus, interact, and gain information about the college before enrollment.

Kathmandu College of Management, the pioneer institution of BBA in Nepal, successfully completed their two-day ‘Open House’ event  scheduled at the 27th and 28th of June, 2015 catering to the needs of  many +2 and equivalent students and their  guardians  at its premises in Gwarko.

Realizing the importance of ‘Open House being an experience which is far more engaging than just looking at the college prospectus, brochures and website allow students to make the right choice for themselves at an important crossroad of their lives, the visiting students and guardians were led through a guided tour, where the major milestones of the college since inception were explained, and an experience sharing session with the present students and alumni was conducted.

Moreover, the seven clubs of the college under the umbrella of the Student Council put up exciting activities for the attendees. TheCareer Club carried out a CV writing session; Social Welfare Club conducted a discussion forum on the Yulin festival and the effectiveness of funds being channelized through Prime Minister’s disaster relief fund;  IT club entertained the visitors with Xbox and Fifa games;Publication Club put up pictures of events and activities that have happened at KCM; Sports Club had a three point shootout game ,and  Arts club  delighted the crowd with some acoustic numbers from the colleges fraternity and gave  opportunities for interested visitors  to sing and perform as well.

Sneha Shakya, the current president of student council stated how effective this event was in giving the  prospective students a first-hand experience on what the college is all about. “I saw that the attendees were vigilant, interactive and satisfied after today’s event on considering their future educational institution better. “

Serene Singh , an attendee of the event who completed her high school from Modern Indian School shared how helpful KCM Open House was for her. “It was a great experience getting to know from theinfrastructures to the college timeline to how classes are conducted and to get to talk to the present students and alumni.After today, I’ve felt a connection with the college. Attending the KCM Open House today has given me a feeling that I will fit in with the culture and the student body. I feel like studying at KCM after today’s event” Serene mentioned.

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