Dec 23, 2015

KCM JA Forum Rise of Tycoons

Rise of Tycoons was organized by the Junior Achievers Forum on 30th November and 1st December on the KCM premises. The event catered those willing to establish their stalls and implicate their management skills practically. The entire event revolved around the theme of different countries and each stall had to choose their respective ones. With a total number of 12 stalls, it included both stalls for food and games. With a number of countries’ cuisines and different games, the event attracted large number of students as well as the administrative staffs. A crucial part of Rise of Tycoon, Secret Admirer organized by the Publication Club gave an opportunity to let KCM Students know somebody cares for them. It became a reason for KCMites secretive smile.

Towards the end of the event, the stall with the highest revenue collected(cupcakes)  and the most creative idea(Goan Fising) were awarded. According to the president, “The event turned out to be a successful one. The students put up really innovative stalls that were never put before. The theme twist added a new flavor to the event” 
The participant stalls were:

  • Margarine cake and bere coffee
  • American cupcakes & Sandwiches
  • Indrachowk Lassi
  • Goan Fishing
  • Iraque
  • Ranjana Galli Soda
  • Vegas Rollers
  • Bombay’s Panipuri and DahiPuri
  • Marshmallow & cookies
  • Tibetian Laphing
  • Jail
  • Secret Admire
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