Dec 23, 2015

KCM IT Club Gaming Competition

Gaming is considered to be one of the best recreations where everyone can get away from their bulky books and hectic syllabus and enjoy the fiction world. Keeping this in mind, KCM IT club organized two of the most widely played games, FIFA 16 & Counter Strike 1.6 Tournament.

Under FIFA open, individuals winning five games simultaneously were selected for the knockout round among other winners. FIFA closed was another knockout tournament among various participants. They were allowed to choose only two teams (1st team and an alternate team). The last man standing was, Anul Suwal followed by Ajay Kumar Shrestha, the runner-up.

Counter Strike was another tournament among teams with 5 members each. The winners of the gaming tournament was awarded with cash prizes and represented KCM in the Battle Royale Tournament. Team SAW (Aayam panta, Himanshu shrestha, Umang Ghale, Prajwol Upreti, Achyuat Amatya) won the Counter Strike Tournament. 

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