Jan 1, 2016

KCM Alumni Association Signing Ceremony

KCM Alumni Association has been officially formed, following the Memorandum of Association (MoA) Signing Ceremony. The association's primary objective is to bring all the KCM alumni together for social and professional networking to create mutually beneficial relationships and other activities which will contribute to the professional development of the members. It supports KCM’s vision of becoming Nepal’s leader in business, media and IT through innovation, change and global thinking. The association also sets forth to work with the student body at KCM to encourage existing students to excel at academics and professional. Gaurav Man Sherchan, (1997-2000) will lead the association as the president along with eight other executive committee members. The Committee members are: 

  • Mr. Gaurav Man Sherchan
  • Mr. Mahim Singh
  • Mr. Manish Kesari
  • Ms. Erica Gajurel 
  • Ms. Sophiya Maharjan
  • Mr. Vaibhav Poddar
  • Mr. Rabi Rayamaji
  • Mr. Aananda Subedi
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