Apr 7, 2015

International Student Exchange in Malaysia

Four of current 3rd year 1st semester students – Nancy Agrawal, Priyanka Pokhrel, Ragini Maharjan and Samanata have been selected in an International Exchange Program in Malaysia from AIESEC Nepal.

Nancy Agrawal, the opportunity to work as a development trainee in TechCycle Tech4All Project organized by AISEC in Taylor’s University and Ms. Agrawal will be playing an important role in educating the public.

Priyanka Pokharel invited to attend and work with ‘Project Choose 2 Protect’ by AIESEC in UTP, Malaysia. This project is a new initiate of AEISEC which aims to nurture young leaders who care about topics of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

Ragini Maharjan offered to attend and work for ‘Share the Future Project’’ organized by AEISEC in University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus. Share the future is a global community development program where youth from more than 100 countries volunteer to develop and create positive impacts in the community; caring and nurturing less fortunate children of the charity homes being one of Ms. Maharjan’s areas of work.

Samanata Thapa, chosen to participate in student exchange program organized by AIESEC in Sunway University, Malaysia. Throughout her stay, she will be involved in a project which aims to build community vision and identity as well as cultivate ownership, sense of place and to gain a better understanding of issues affecting the community using cultural mapping methodology.

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