Aug 7, 2015


“A good GMAT score will not guarantee you a seat in a prestigious MBA program but a bad GMAT score will definitely close the doors to the best business schools,” stated Mr. Balakrishna B., Head-Marketing, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM-B) at a seminar conducted in collaboration with Jamboree, an educational consultancy.

On 26th July 2015, around 40 KCM students participated in the seminarwhere the selection process for the MBA program at IIM-B and the criterionfor admission were discussed. Mr. Balakrishna B. further explained that while selection committees look at students from a holistic perspective, a “good” GMAT score and a strong Statement of Purpose (SOP) are important. He also emphasized that IIM-B is keen to encourage applicants from a non-IT and non-engineering background, so funding options are available to support a diverse pool of students. 

Mr. Manish Keshari, a recent KCM graduate, found the session to be very informative especially the up-to-date curriculum at IIM and appreciated the advice on how to ace the GMAT.

And if you are wondering what a “good” GMAT score for IIM-B is? Well, you will have to score around 700, which is definitely possible through hard work. All the best to KCMites who are preparing to apply and to keep that fighting spirit up!

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