Aug 6, 2015

Corporate Orientation 2015

With a purpose of acclimatizing students on the scope, means, and future prospects in the world of management, KCM organized a ‘Corporate Orientation’ for its freshly enrolled students, batch of 2015-2019 on the 4th of August, 2015 at Hotel Radisson.

The event was divided into two phases. During the first phase a Round Table Discussion saw over 18 alumni, representing diverse corporate sectors and entrepreneurial ventures, mentor students. They discussed on the quintessential skills students needed to develop in these four years to get into the best graduate schools and make it big in life. All the alumni echoed that goal setting and a relentless drive to achieve their goals are the keys to success.

The second phase was a Panel Interaction with four eminent business professionals and industry leaders of the country namely Mr. Joseph Silvanus, CEO, Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited;  Mr. Yogendra Shakya, Chairman, Ace Group of Hotels; Mr. Satish Singh, Director, Max L’agence and Mr Neelkantha Upreti, Director, KCM.

Mr. Joseph Silvanus motivated the students by saying that youth were absorbent like sponges and should observe as much as they can. He said that setting a very high ceiling or benchmark is of great importance to be successful in life.  As head of an international bank, Mr. Silvanus mentioned that information is key and innovation is a must to survive in any industry. At the end, he advised students to think big and to think global but to act local.

Similarly, Mr. Yogendra Shakya talked about how marketing is either about convincing people or confusing them and mentioned that effective marketing can be done by means of storytelling, where customers feel an emotional connection with the brand being promoted. 

Mr. Satish Singh encouraged the students to dream the biggest dream they can and to fulfill their dream through hard work. Mr. Singh reiterated that marketing is about telling a story through an engaging dialogue with the customers rather than push-selling products. 

All in all, the event concluded with the freshmen enlightened and inspired by the insights and experiences of the guests, while looking forward to ace the four years of their lives at KCM.

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