May 27, 2015

Career Club’s “Team Building”

Teams will be a quintessential part of you, be it at an educational, work or social pursuit. Keeping that importance in mind, KCM Career Club organized ‘Team Building’ its first event for the academic year (2014-2015). Team building, the club says, is an event, where team work, coordination and communication are applied among groups in a fun filled setting.

The event comprised of 19 teams who competed under categories of quiz, which tested their intelligence quotient (IQ) as a group; pen fight, to see how well coordinated and optimistic the team can be to reach victory. And, the final one was treasure hunt, which tested how carefully the team followed their cues, how they organized themselves and engaged their human resources to reach the final destination and win the title.
The winners of the team building will be representing KCM in Battle of the Brains, an inter college event KCM Career Club organizes, bringing in a synergy of other vibrant college students who compete under various categories such as debate, extempore, case study analysis and team building.

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