Feb 28, 2023

An opportunity for a good cause and a price tag for an idea

The world needs ideas to run, whereas the current situation of these times needs direful of them to stand out for a better cause. As thousands of those are being started daily, only a few survive to sustain what they offer to society. The ultimate goal would be to turn an idea into reality until it connects with the consumers for the benefit of both ways. And there is a significant need for a platform where entrepreneurs can grow.

This is where Hult Prize comes in and acts as the perfect platform for growing entrepreneurs. This annual social entrepreneurship competition encourages university students worldwide to devise innovative solutions to global challenges. Each year, the Hult Prize issues a new challenge corresponding to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In a nutshell, it allows students to showcase their innovative ideas and contributes to the development of a global community of social entrepreneurs.

Established in 2009 by Ahmad Ashkar, has grown to be one of the world's biggest student competitions, drawing over 100,000 competitors from more than 121 nations. With the backing of world leaders, Nobel laureates, and corporate titans, the award has been titled the "Nobel Prize for Students."

Redesigning Fashion:

The story for this year's theme begins with the burning misuse of by-products from the fashion industry. It has a significant environmental and societal impact on global greenhouse and climate change. So, the challenge would be to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce waste and pollution, improve working conditions for garment workers, and create more inclusive and equitable fashion practices to these issues recreating a more sustainable fashion industry, where this year's goal signifies 'Redesigning Fashion.

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