Experience Sharing Initiative

Many distinguished speakers, professors and management professionals visit Nepal for various purposes. During their visit, they often want to share their academic and professional knowledge and expertise with students and interact with them. However, many such experts miss the opportunity to do so, and colleges too have not been able to provide the platform for them.

KCM welcomes faculty, distinguished speakers and management professionals from all around the world to impart ideas, knowledge and share their experiences with students through academic teachings, research workshops and seminars. A range of aspects from contemporary issues in business to spiritual awareness for better living can be included during such interactions.

ESI provides benefits to our faculty members through exposure to a culturally varied and diverse workgroup, with opportunity to exchange ideas and observe a variety of styles through participation in academic and research programs at KCM. Similarly, programmes like these prepare our students to become responsible members of today's global community, increase interpersonal abilities and provide the opportunity to experience and learn from new cultures and traditions. Hence, in general, the ESI improves students' competitive educational position.

Two basic schemes define the nature of the guest speaker and the responsibilities of the visiting speaker.

    1. Workshops/Seminar

      The speaker will visit the college for 1 or 2 days in which he/she will conduct a workshop or seminar on any relevant topic of management and business practices. We also encourage the faculty to showcase their industrial experiences in these workshop/seminar.


  1. Guest lectures

    Business professionals, academicians and speakers can take sessions with students and provide insights and opinions on a broad range of business issues ranging from one week to a whole semester. Further details are as follows:
    • 1-4 weeks program:
      In this programme the faculty, business professionals, and speakers will be conducting classes to share their ideas on various global business issues and management practices. The tenure of the lecture may be of either 1 to 4 weeks depending on the content.
    • Semester Program
      KCM provides an unique array of courses to students for which there are a very limited number of professors/lecturers in and around the country. Through this programme our college aims to invite business experts from around the world to share their ideas and knowledge for the semester programme. Should you need to inquire more about the program and apply for the same, please contact:

      Kathmandu College of Management
      Gwarko, Lalitpur, Nepal
      Tel : 977-1-5201997 / 5200746
      Fax : 977-1-5201434
      Email : [email protected]