Fiona Demmingway, Class of 2014

KCM Scholarships

Swangsri Sivakriskul Jehendar Scholarship

With a commitment to attracting the brightest talent for the International BBA program, Kathmandu College of Management has pledged financial support to high achievers from underprivileged backgrounds. SwangsriSivakriskulJehendar Scholarship Program is a need-based endowment awarded for outstanding academic merit. It covers a full tuition waiver so that students have access to a fulfilling learning environment, with the hope that the scholars will contribute to their communities after they graduate.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Swangsri Sivakriskul Jehendar Scholarship Program is open to all Nepali citizens. To be eligible for selection;

  1. Students must have attained at least 80% marks in School Leaving Certificate from a government school
  2. Secured above 75% marks for 10+2 board results from any private or public institutions.
  3. Display strong leadership qualities and good character.
  4. Priority will be given to applicants from low-income families or marginalized communities.

Application Process

In order to apply for the scholarship program, students must be admitted to the KCM – Siam University International BBA program.

  • Submit the Scholarship Application form along with the other admission requirements. You can download the form from the link provided below.
  • Write a personal statement explaining why you deserve to be awarded the financial aid.
  • Please nominate 2 references (other than family member or relative) who can vouch for your family’s economic status and whom we can contact.
  • Notification of the scholarship decision will be communicated to you as soon as it is finalized.

Merit Based Scholarship

Sponsored by KCM, Merit scholarship is awarded each yearto student who demonstratesexceptional academic ability. This scholarship is targeted for freshmen and is awarded in the following year. The award includes 100% tuition fees for that year.

Eligibility and selection criteria:

  • Student must have successfully completed his/her freshman year (first year).
  • Student must top his/her respective batch for a year.

Manisha Memorial Merit Award

Manisha Memorial Merit Award is named after Manisha Shrestha (batch 2005-2009), who unfortunately passed away in tragictraffic collusion. In memory of Manisha Shrestha, KCM initiated the tradition of providing this scholarship from year 2009. Manisha Memorial Scholarship recognizes students from 3rd year with exceptional academic talent.

Eligibility and selection criteria:

  • Student must have successfully completed his/hersophomore year (second year).
  • In his/her sophomore year, the student must perform exceptionally in terms of academics.

Nirajan Memorial Scholarship

To pay tribute toLate Prince Nirajan Bikram Shah,Kathmandu College of Managementrewards outstanding third year students. Nirajan Memorial Scholarship is based on the students’ academics during their third year and is awarded in the following year. Scholarship provided to students is 100% of tuition fees for that year.

Eligibility and selection criteria:

  • Student must be a final year student.
  • Student must lead his/her respective batch, in terms of academics, in the preceding year.

Management Appreciation Scholarship

Management appreciation scholarship is awardedby the management to those students who exhibit great potential in academics and extracurricular activities.The management individually considers the fourth year students during the selection.

Student Council Scholarship

The student body of KCM provides scholarships to students with outstanding academic achievement and leadership involvement. Scholarship holders of Student Council Scholarship receive 20% off in their tuition fees.

1. EPC Achievers Scholarship

Entrance preparation class (EPC) is held by the Student Council, for those students who are to appear for their entrance test in KCM.

Eligibility and selection criteria:

  • Student must have completed the preparation classes.
  • Student must show an outstanding performance in all the subjects taught in the EPC.

2. Aasna Memorial Platinum Excellence Award

Aasna Memorial Platinum Excellence Award is for the students of final year. Students who have actively contributed in council events for 3 consecutive years are eligible. They are required display strong leadership qualityalong with their excellent academic background.

Eligibility and selection criteria:

  • Student must have completed their 3 years.
  • Student is required to display strong leadership quality along with their excellent academic background.