Fiona Demmingway, Class of 2014

KCM Culture

Students First

"Students Come First" is the idea behind everything we do at KCM. In every event or activity of the college, students are the focus point. Talk to any of the college staff or meet any of our faculty, the utmost importance of students for overall success of the college and its programs becomes obvious. KCM is indeed a student-centered college.


Teamwork is a key factor that differentiates KCM from other colleges. In every curricular and co-curricular matter, teamwork among students, faculty, faculty and students, and faculty and management is very crucial part of KCM culture. The great emphasis on teamwork has significantly contributed to making our programs highly effective.

Learning by Doing

Students learn effectively by doing. In every subject, students get ample opportunities to learn through involvement in several assignments, projects, papers, presentations and cases that add value to the learning process.

Students' Initiatives

The very first lesson students get at KCM is to take initiative. Whether it is an academic matter or co-curricular activities, the stress is on their own initiatives. Their own initiatives facilitated by faculty and management create an environment that stimulates learning at KCM.

Student Council and Clubs

KCM Student Council is an initiative of KCM students. It was established with a vision to promote a cooperative culture amongst the students and to enhance their leadership skills.

The basic objective of KCMSC is to provide students a platform for over-all development, with specific emphasis on co-curricular activities. To achieve this objective, KCMSC promotes and organizes various activities within and outside the college. These activities are conducted by the clubs, under the guidance and support of the council and the management. The clubs under the KCMSC are: Sports club, Arts club, Volunteers club, Career club, IT club and Publications club.