Fiona Demmingway, Class of 2014

BBA Marketing

International Program BBA Marketing

The curriculum for BBA Marketing comprises 132 Credit Hours course. It is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of marketing as well as advanced tools to be successful. The curriculum combines theories with best industry practices to show students how to be successful in the field of marketing. The curriculum looks at international marketing practices to provide students extensive knowledge using real life practices. This course will be useful not only for future marketing managers but also for future entrepreneurs as they will be able to use the concepts in their ventures.

In today’s competitive business environment, every organization looks to maximize its market position and generate customer loyalty without which the very survival of the organization becomes precarious. In relation to this, Marketing is a most vital function in the organization. Hence, there is a high demand for qualified personnel in this department. The BBA in Marketing program aims to fulfill this human resource gap.

Semester-wise Course Distribution

Semester I

S.No. Course Code Course Name Credits
1 101-109 Human Relation and Personality Development 3
2 101-204 Daily Life English 3
3 121-106 Mathematics for Daily Life 3
4 130-104 Business Economics 3
5 131-103 Financial Accounting I 3
6 134-201 Principles of Management 3

Semester II

S.No. Course Code Course Name Credits
1 101-101 Sufficiency Economy Philosophy for Sustainable Development 3
2 101-205 English for Academic Study 3
3 101-301 Digital Literacy for 21st Century 3
4 130-315 Statistics and Probability 3
5 131-104 Financial Accounting II 3
6 133-202 Principles of Marketing & Digital Marketing 3

Semester III

S.No. Course Code Course Name Credits
1 101-103 Designing Yourself and Personality Development 3
2 101-209 Chinese I 3
3 130-204 Data Analysis for Decision Making 3
4 130-403 Design Thinking Studio 3
5 131-204 Managerial Accounting 3
6 132-203 Business Finance 3
7 133-301 Marketing Management 3

Semester IV

S.No. Course Code Course Name Credits
1 101-210 Chinese II 3
2 130-302 Business Law 3
3 130-404 Entrepreneurship and Startup Business 3
4 133-302 Consumer Behavior 3
5 133-308 Integrated Marketing Channels Management 3
6 136-301 Production and Operations Management 3

Semester V

S.No. Course Code Course Name Credits
1 130-217 Business Intelligence 3
2 133-304 Product and Price Management 3
3 133-305 Sales Management 3
4 133-310 International and Global Marketing 3
5 133-311 Integrated Marketing Communication and Social Media 3
6 133-411 Logistic and Supply Chain Management 3

Semester VI

S.No. Course Code Course Name Credits
1 101-210 Thai Usage for Communication 3
2 133-401 Advertising and Sales Promotion 3
3 133-405 Services Marketing 3
4 133-413 Brand Management 3
5 133-416 Marketing Planning 3
6 133-309 Marketing Research and Data Analysis 3

Semester VII

S.No. Course Code Course Name Credits
1 130-215 International Business 3
2 130-303 Taxation 1 3
3 130-405 Strategic Management for Competitiveness 3
4 130-490 Cooperative Education Preparation 1
5 133-415 Marketing Strategy Management 3
6 211-423 Independent Project 3

Semester VIII

S.No. Course Code Course Name Credits
1 130-491 Co-operative Education 5

Admission Requirements

KCM seeks applicants who can demonstrate their leadership potential. Either big or small, we appreciate leadership on any scale, from organizing a class trip to leading a national scale event. Bottom line, we are looking for students with potential to be a leader.

We at KCM welcome students that are focused and true to their ambitions.KCM believes that consistency is the key to success. Therefore, we welcome students with an aptitude to work and learn continuously and churn out good results.

If you think you fit the bill, following students are apply for the program:

  1. Students from any stream who have completed Grade 12 or equivalent level with a minimum of 50% overall aggregate score may apply for the program.
  2. GCE A- level students must have cleared at least 3 Advanced Level Courses.
  3. Students who have successfully completed Grade 11 (with 50% or above) and are awaiting Grade 12 results may apply for admission on provisional basis.

Admission Process

Round 1:

The applicant is required to complete the application form with copies of the following documents:

  1. Transcripts and certificates of Grade 12 or equivalent examinations
  2. Certificate and transcript of Grade 10 (SLC or equivalent)
  3. Character certificate (SLC and Grade 12)
  4. Provisional certificate
  5. Migration certificate
  6. Citizenship certificate or Passport Document

Round 2:

Shortlisted candidate will be required to appear for a written test that will assess their quantitative ability and English language proficiency.

Round 3:

Candidates who pass the written test and group discussion will be called for interview.

To apply for admissions, you can do either of the following:

  1. Visit the college, obtain the form, complete it and submit it to the college with all the required documents.
  2. Download the application form from the ‘Resources’, print it, complete it and submit it to the college with the required document
  3. Apply online by clicking on this link

For further information about admissions, please contact the college.